Files shared for Biology IB12 students.
But really, anyone can pick them.


These files are intended to help with the content of the subject Biology during the second year of the Diploma Programme.
Important warning: this content is not designed to be studied in a phone or tablet, specially the videos. They are very dense and contain most of the information provided in class, therefore should be viewed and studied on a computer, sitting in a desk, taking notes and, of course, doing all the exercises.
By the start of the course not all the files will be in place, many of them will be put as the course progresses, so I recommend to check the page about once each week.

Unit 0. Prior learning.
Unit 1. Cell biology.
Unit 2. Molecular biology.
Unit 3. Genetics.
Unit 4. Ecology.
Unit 5. Evolution and biodiversity.
Unit 6. Human physiology.
Option D. Human physiology.
Exam resources.

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